AA Kitchen Story

Pickles suit every palate, if we know the right combination be it hot, sour, or spicy. Pickles have the quality of taking people back into history. We all have long-lasting childhood memories. As ladies in the house would check with the relatives and friends to get first quality of raw materials like Mangoes, Mustard, Fenugreek, Red Chilly and Til oil to mix diligently.

We belong to a family where pickle is the soul of every meal. My Mother and Grand Mother were known for delicious pickles. I spent my childhood seeing my mother and Granny cooking for 100+ people without much efforts for various occasions in the family with the help of other family members. I used to help my mother when we used to get mangoes from market for pickles.

Always cooked for myself while studying in college, as a bachelor also. Always carried pickles and powder for domestic and international travel as I always enjoy for every meal. Born and raised in West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, now settled in Bangalore. There was always a finest combination of fantastic Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana food at home.

Over the years, we have been gifting our home-made pickles to relatives and friends, who enjoy the pickles. and powders. This motivated and encouraged us to make and supply powders and pickles, a premium catering and home made regular lunch for corporates who are health conscious.

We make pickles with Mango, Tomato, Gongura (Sorrel), Chintakaya (GreenTamarind), Usirikayi (Gooseberry), Allam (Ginger), Pandu Mirapakai (Red Chilly ) etc.

We also make a combination of powders, namely Kandi Podi, Menthye Hittu, Curry leaf powder, idly Podi,Idly karam. We make 10+ types of powders which can be mixed with Hot Rice with Ghee.

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