DISCOURAGED THAT YOU SIMPLY RARELY REALLY WANT sexual intercourse? Women with HSDD have actually reduced libido which is troubling with them

DISCOURAGED THAT YOU SIMPLY RARELY REALLY WANT sexual intercourse? Women with HSDD have actually reduced libido which is troubling with them

It would be Hypoactive (low) libido dysfunction (HSDD). Luckily, there’s a once-daily procedures named Addyi, the FDA-Approved “LITTLE PINK PILL.” Get more information.

Addyi might number 1 given treatment plan for HSDD 1

Girls with HSDD posses reasonable sexual interest definitely worrying to them. Their own lowest virility just isn’t thanks to: a medical or psychological state condition, troubles inside partnership or treatment or any other substance need.

ADDYI is not suitable incorporate for the treatment of HSDD in females who have experienced menopause or perhaps in guys or young children. ADDYI is definitely not for used to increase sexual performance.

1. IQVIA Monthly overall Prescriptions levels info contrasting Addyi vs Vyleesi in the usa. Dec 2020.

Addyi could be the #1 proposed treatment plan for HSDD 1

Female with HSDD get lower sexual interest which worrying to them. Their particular lowest male libido is not from: a healthcare or mental health difficulty, problems within the connection or therapy or other drug incorporate.

ADDYI is not for use to treat HSDD in females that have experienced menopause or even in people or kids. ADDYI is definitely not for used to promote performance.

1. IQVIA Monthly Total Prescriptions levels facts weighing Addyi vs Vyleesi in america. Dec 2020.

ished in three 24-week studies in over 2,000 premenopausal ladies with acquired, generalized HSDD. Patients were given Addyi (n=1187) or placebo (n=1188). Not all women will experience the same improvement in their HSDD. Pose a question to your doctor what you should expect. Some ladies might even see causes as early as 30 days. Addyi is terminated when there is no enhancement after 8 weeks. † greater quantity of era in a month

Efficacy of Addyi had been established in three 24-week studies in over 2 edmonton sugar baby,000 premenopausal girls with gotten, generalized HSDD. Patients are addressed with Addyi (n=1187) or placebo (n=1188). Not absolutely all women will enjoy equivalent improvement within their HSDD. Ask your doctor what you need. Some females may see causes as soon as four weeks. Addyi ought to be stopped if there’s no advancement after 8 weeks. † Increased many occasions in 30 days


*Results might be assumed within 4 weeks. Addyi must always be discontinued if there is no advancement after 8 weeks.


*Results is likely to be experience in just four weeks. Addyi must be terminated when there is no enhancement after 8 weeks.




**For a minimal efforts, qualified clients only. Rules use. Please find out agreements at addyi.com/savings

Indication and essential security Information including Boxed Warning for extreme lower blood pressure and fainting in some settings.

Signal and essential security Ideas contains Boxed Warning for severe lower hypertension levels and fainting in many configurations.

Just what is the most critical expertise I should be familiar with ADDYI? Your own risk of extreme low blood pressure levels and fainting (decrease in awareness) is increasing for ADDYI and:

  • drink alcohol close in a chance to if you take your ADDYI amount.
    • Hold off about a couple of hours after consuming one or two standard alcohol drinks prior to taking ADDYI at night.

Samples of 1 regular alcoholic enjoy consist of:

        • one 12-ounce standard ale
        • 5 oz of alcohol
        • 1.5 oz of distilled state of mind or try
    • If you have 3 or longer requirement alcohol beverage in the evening, bypass your ADDYI serving at bedtime.
    • Upon having taken your very own ADDYI at bed time, will not consume alcohol up until the overnight.
  • simply take several medication medicines, over-the-counter remedies, or herbal medicines.Do definitely not simply take or start taking any prescription pills, non-prescription drugs, or herbal medicines while getting ADDYI till you have spoken with all your medical doctor. A medical expert will tell you if it’s protected to take other medicine or herbs while you’re using ADDYI.
  • bring the liver problems. Will not bring ADDYI whether you have liver trouble.

For ADDYI and you become lightheaded or light-headed, take a nap straight away. Obtain disaster surgical assist or enquire you to definitely have disaster health related services for you personally when the problems do not scroll out or if you feel you might faint (miss consciousness). Any time you faint (lose mind), inform your health care provider once you can.

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